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AlwaysSpanish is Retiring!

After a long awkward silence, here's something to break the ice – all over again. I can totally see why you should be upset to see no action from the Burro for over a month now, but trust me, your wait was all worth it. The news here is that your beloved Burro has just moved into a brand new home – one that's a whole lot richer, swankier, and easier to live in. I'm talking about PeppyBurro. That's the name of the new website! Isn't that cool? At least it tells you all about the Burro's pepped up temperament right off the bat, right? This post is not about Spanish-learning tricks (although I will drop in a couple out of habit, I guess) or grammar lessons. This one's all about our new home!

The Witchcraft Of Spanish Vocabulary

The very first step to conquering a language is to tame its vocabulary. And sadly, that's the part that puts off most novice learners because memorizing strange-sounding words is too darn boring! A never-ending chant of rote rehearsal and a nervous prayer can see you through an upcoming test, but the process just won't cut it if your goal is to actually use the language in the street. It's a mystery how this incredibly inefficient method has survived this long and still continues to be perpetuated by schools and educators around the world. So is there any nirvana around this assault of monotony in our miserable lives? Anything that could make learning foreign words less painful?

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Always Spanish has retired. Please visit the new blog at for all future articles.

Learning with Always Spanish: An Introduction

Here to learn Spanish? Well, I am more than glad to be welcoming you to this “yet-another” blog dedicated to the millions of Spanish learners like you from every corner of the known universe. I admit this is far from the first online Spanish-learning resource you would have stumbled upon. I also admit this won’t be your last either, nor do I hope so because the fun of online learning lies in trying out the best of everything. Always Spanish is a work that helps you learn, rather acquire, Spanish without actually teaching you Spanish. Throughout the learning process, this philosophy will the very core of all action here.

Welcome to Always Spanish!
Welcome to Always Spanish!
Photo credit: Rafael Tovar licensed CC BY-SA 2.0
To be very honest, this isn’t my first either. Back in the summer of 2007, I used to run a moderately successful Spanish-learning blog (Easiest-Spanish), my efforts focused on tips around Latin culture and mnemonics and visual learning strategies. However, that blog was not paying my bills and I eventually had to take up a regular job, which meant I had little time for creative blogging. So, that’s how that blogging endeavor came to an end in a few months. Why this new avatar then? Well, it’s been a long time and I am growing older. With old age, comes poor memory. I no longer remember my login credentials to Easiest Spanish and have no option but to sadly resort to starting from scratch. On the brighter side, with age, comes a better understanding of the subject and a level of maturity which will manifest in this exercise. So, here I present to you the next level of my blogging experience that capitalizes on my improved sense of content and improved linguistic skills.

I sincerely hope to put in every bit of my knowledge and experience, and all my efforts into making this blog a resounding success serving you fresh and interesting content until rapture. Every comment on my posts will push me an inch closer to my goals and give me the kick to create even more interesting content for future posts. Just ensure that you don’t see this as a substitute for your regular language acquisition practices. Treat this blog, instead, as a supplement to accelerate your learning. I only intend to help you unleash your natural language acquisition skills that you were born with. In order to eliminate any likelihood of monotony, posts on this blog will come under various categories, e.g., Vocabulary, Street Spanish, Immersion, Tips ‘n’ Tricks, etc. This will provide you a wide range of reading topics to choose from according to your mood and aptitude. Through this blog, I intend to kick you, tickle you, and often amaze you over the many facets of this extremely matured language.

So, welcome once again! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun and vastly uncharted methods of learning a new language without so much as lifting a finger.

P. S. Do try lifting a finger to drop me a note or two if possible though so we could benefit from your feedback and criticism!

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